Highway 101 Improvements in the Works

In Blog, Community News, Local Businesses on November 18, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Highway 101 Improvements in the Works

Plans to improve highway 101 North in Chanhassen are underway. It might be a while before the renovations to the neglected road are underway, even though the beginnings of the project are getting serious. The section, running between Highway 5 and Pleasant View Road, is in dire need of enhancements.



Suggestions for a four-lane highway were given almost a decade ago, and were ignored up until now. Since there is more in the budget this year, the topic was put on the table again. There are, in fact, safety concerns since the death of Aimee Trudeau in 2012. She attempted to cross the busy highway, leaving a sad presence in the area.



Some major concerns include: sight lines, turn lanes, and shoulder improvements. The road construction could begin as early as next year for the city of Chanhassen. Still, the future of Highway 101 is ready to go into effect; the project is just awaiting more professional advisories.



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