Get To Know The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

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Get To Know The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre all started with the idea of Herbert and Carolyn Bloomberg in 1965. Herbert was a successful builder and was just finishing up building the Old Log Theatre in neighboring Excelsior. Herbert and his wife were frequent visitors of New York and always made sure to take in a Broadway show when they were in town. This is when they decided they wanted to bring a piece of Broadway to the (then) small suburb of Chanhassen. They promptly acquired a large plot of land in Chanhassen and built their 90,000 square foot theatre. The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre opened on October 11, 1968.


From day one the Bloomberg’s decided to run Chanhassen Dinner Theatre a little bit different from typical theatres. Instead of bringing in big name stars and spending large portions of their budget on a big name, they decided that quality production was more important. They made sure to hire professional actors, have live musicians and hire local companies to design and build their stages. They also made sure to invest in having the highest standards for their dining experience that is served tableside.


Within 10 years of opening the theatre, the Bloomberg’s risk began to pay off. Chanhassen was developing at an astonishing rate, new highways to Chanhassen were being built, the population was growing and the theatre’s reputation was exceptional.


Today the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre has over 275 employees. It has also become the nation’s largest professional dinner theatre as well as the largest privately owned restaurant in Minnesota. The theatre has hosted over 10 Million guests and produced over 220 shows.


Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
501 West 78th Street
PO Box 100
Chanhassen MN 55317

Box Office
Phone 952.934.1525
Toll-Free 800.362.3515
Email Box Office

Box Office Hours
Monday 10am-5pm
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday Closed

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